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Building wealth one handshake at a time

InwestCo is an exclusive investor club that pairs entrepreneurs with the right investors in order to make long-lasting relationships. Our founders have compiled a global network of 1,900 registered investors who are actively looking for the next big investment opportunity to diversify their portfolios.

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InwestCo takes great pride in hosting exclusive intimate events to allow for meaningful discussion and numerous opportunities to foster new relationships. We have 1,900 plus registered investors in our global network; and, we have established excellent relationships with them over the years. These investors have over $750 Billion in Assets Under Management and are actively looking for investment opportunities to diversify their portfolios.

We invest and reinvest each month to build our brand; so, by partnering with us, you will be accessing the industry that we have been penetrating for many years. We believe this edge in the family office, institutional investor, and high-net-worth niche marketplaces will further secure your success in this space.


Our networking events are the ideal space for you to showcase your investment or co-investment opportunities and deal offerings, especially if you are a service provider that caters to the affluent.

We offer exclusive, by-invitation-only, events that will give you exposure to our network of highly qualified private investors, family offices, high-net-worth individuals, angel investors, private equity groups, and venture capital firms.


We know our investors’ appetites. That is why we can help you create an attractive one-pager overview of your offering, pitch deck, and business plan.

Our work is tailored to your needs by our team of industry experts; from our experienced financial modelers to our top researchers, writers, and project managers, we will make you stand out and make sure you are fully prepared to present to potential investors.


Backed by a team of experienced professionals, our strategic services meet the needs of all client types - from small startups to large firms - which make strong impressions leading to measurable growth and success. 

We know what attracts investors; so, we can provide you with the ultimate advantage to penetrate the market and stand out from the crowd. 


With a staggering 45 million millennials now entering the prime home-buying age range of 30 to 40, the demand for housing has reached unprecedented levels. Unfortunately, at the same time, the nation is grappling with a severe housing deficit during this increased demand. Experts estimate the deficit to be between 3.8 million to 6.8 million units, requiring a comprehensive approach to meet the need for homes. Through my time consulting investors, I have learned that many are not familiar with land entitlement investments. Therefore, I hope this article can help you understand some of its opportunities and how to add value through this process.

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Aaron Dabbaghzadeh
CEO, InwestCo

When adapting your offering to the Middle East, you should acknowledge and navigate the differences between your own culture and your target’s.

Also, get a clear understanding of the laws, business culture, etiquette, meeting protocols and negotiation techniques that will help you break stereotyping and communication barriers before you travel or even approach projects in the GCC. 

The new economy seeks to combine local values with rising consumerism and the development of ever-closer links to the global economy.

Bear in mind that cultural awareness training is sometimes perceived as a luxury within the business world.

The Federal Reserve took drastic measures in June to flatten the highest U.S. inflation rate in four decades by instituting a 0.75-percentage-point rate increase. This increase to the Fed's benchmark federal-funds rate is meant to combat the higher than anticipated consumer price index.
With federal funds rates projected to reach past 3% in the coming year, that means financing rates could reach over 6%. Such elevated rates soar the cost of capital and acquisition fees, making it difficult for the average entrepreneur to perform in a bear market. Under these circumstances, here are ways that you can use Shariah trade financing (Islamic banking) as an alternative means of financing.

Our Unique Value Chain

Inwestco Value chain
  • First call screening 

  • Goal planning  

  • Setting timelines 

  • Establish a roadmap 

  • Review your material 

  • Feedback & insights 

  • Suggested Revisions  

  • Optional Edits 

  • Targeted exposure 

  • Customized marketing 

  • Tailored geographical approach 

  • Vast investor reach  

  • Explore your niche 

  • Continuous Market Penetration

  • Thought leadership 

  • Educational content development

  • Investor screening

  • Detailed Planning 

  • Exceptional execution 

  • Successful investor meetings  

Industry Outlook




According to research by the Center for Venture Research at the University of New Hampshire, there were 335,000 active Angel Investors in 2020, up 26% from a decade prior. Venture funding has also become more geographically diversified: The value of deals made in Denver & Chicago during this year’s first quarter rose by 265% and 331%, respectively, over the previous year, according to data from PitchBook Inc., a financial-data & software company that tracks the industry. By contrast, in the Bay Area, the deal value grew by 58%.

Just 121 of the largest single-family offices represent an estimated net worth of $142.4 billion, according to a report published in 2020 by UBS Securities. Sixty-nine percent of these offices have been established since 2000.
There were an estimated 3,500 family offices with more than $2.1 trillion in assets at the end of last year, according to Robert Casey, an industry consultant and former research director.

Even though 2022 was bad for countless small businesses and startups, the venture industry raised $73.6 billion in the U.S. alone blowing past the previous high of $68.1 billion set in 2018, according to PitchBook Data Inc. The activity was bolstered in part by investors who were flushed with capital thanks to a thriving initial-public-offering market as well as a strong demand for innovation and digital acceleration amid the pandemic.

Our Solutions

One-on-one Investor Meetings

One-on-One Investor Meetings

We set up the investor meeting; all you'll have to bring is you, a game, and your smile.

Image by Ben White

Our Mission

InwestCo is a Single-Family Office, with roots dating back 80 years, in Finance, Real Estate, Agricultural, and Manufacturing in the Middle East and Europe. 
Our experience with ultra-wealthy investors culminated in the development of an elite Private Investor Club, which enables us to match entrepreneurs with the right investors and build long-term relationships.
InwestCo's global network has over 1,900 registered investors who, collectively, have over $750 Billion in Assets Under Management; and, our members are continuously seeking new opportunities to expand and diversify their portfolios. 
Our founder's extensive experience working with family offices, private equity, venture capital firms, angel investor groups, and private investors enables us to provide an array of client services strategically tailored to investors' appetites and mandates.

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