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Now you can download the first Six chapters of Aaron's latest book for Free.


This book serves as an ultimate guide for entrepreneurs and investors interested in expanding their footprint in the Middle Eastern world and uncovers the most influential ways of persuasion. Let us pave the way to your success story.

Aaron has revealed the cultural characteristics of the Middle East; business norms and behaviors; negotiation methods, tactics and best practices; localization considerations; best pitching strategies; and, much more.

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  • Author  :  Aaron Dabbaghzadeh

  • Publisher  :  InwestCo (February 22, 2022)

  • Language  :  English

  • eBook Sample‏  :  Pages 1-51

  • Full Version  :  144 Pages

  • ISBN-13  :  978-0578381213

  • File Size  :  1,906 KB

  • File Format  :  PDF

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